Friday, 4 September 2009

Mysterious Obsession

I know you like the palm of my hand.
I can read your eyes; I can spell your smile.
Call it a mysterious obsession,
a simple lack of possession...

but it surpasses the boundaries of your imagination.
It’s the encounter of two souls in a universe of time...
With unlimited equations and solutions,
a pattern of diverging distributions...

That can only equate when two becomes one.
But as much as I add, in our case its none.

Destiny has chosen to tell this tale in its own way.
But believe it or not, me and you will equate someday.


  1. I concur wow! if someone ask me the definition of obsession, I'll refer them to this poem! :)

  2. Alex, once again you impress)) its great)

  3. I love that picture! So expressive!

  4. Beautiful photo.

    Your poetry is amazing.