Sunday, 20 September 2009

You & I

I need you so much it burns from within.
You are the point where I begin...

Begin to feel and cease to be.
You are the blood that runs in me.

And bleed I do when we are apart,
until no blood flows through my heart.

I love you so much that words seem vain.
You are my sun under the rain...

Rain it may for endless days.
You are the answer to all my prays.

And prey I shall with all my might,
until my dark becomes our light.

I hate you so much it makes me mad.
You give me hope when I am sad...

Sad I feel when your eyes don’t smile.
You give me breath for that extra mile.

And mile by mile I will run,
until you shine again my sun

Photograph by Mesh2
"My Love Burns for You"


  1. Very nice. I love this line so much :

    " You are the blood that runs in me "

    So romantic...

  2. Hermoso!!!!, antes de ver tu profile pude imaginar que eras de Picis por tu sensibilidad.

  3. Beautiful... there's a fine line between love and hate sometimes...