Sunday, 13 September 2009

With you by my side

I am struggling with my fears,
for all those many nears,

that I’ve seen too many times before.

But with you by my side,
together we will ride,

so my fears may fade away once more.

I am hiding from reality,
for I do not require gravity,
to take my wings away.

But with you by my side,
I will stand strong and face the tide,
so my reality can become our day-to-day.

I am sheltering my heart,
for it has been torn apart,
and I can no longer withstand this painful sorrow.

But with you by my side,
I will challenge my own pride,
so that this broken heart can love again tomorrow

Photograph by Auro
Zero Gravity


  1. This is really lovely! It's so honest and pure. Really nicely done!

  2. I love your use of imagery with each bit of writing, the visuals are very emotive.

  3. This porm is beautiful! I love it.

  4. Eric Fromm had a lot to say about the power of "with"; your poem illustrates that power beautifully.

  5. this is sooo nice. i love your poems. great choice of words, i am an instant follower.

    please check my blog, i am just starting. thanks...