Monday, 31 August 2009

Woman, from Seed to Flower

A Flower among flowers sprouts from the most delicate seed.
Her sweet innocence is a breath of fresh air to a World in need.
She asks all the questions that leap through her curious mind,
for what we have ceased to ask, is what she still seeks to find.

As she unveils herself to this new found World, her dreams will begin to unfold.
This blossoming Flower craves for attention, but refuses to do as she is told.
She’s now found more Flowers and bonding together, they share what they know:
Those bees they see flying, do seek their honey, and will probably always do so.

Setting her sight on new horizons this Flower now gazes beyond her own sphere.
It is time to leave her Garden and challenge this World she has learned not to fear.
Aware of her beauty, she will choose her new path and stand strong on her ground.
Gone are the times when she went astray, the moment has come for her to be found.

She will plant her own seed and a journey through motherhood will begin,
Seeking for herself she is destined to understand the beauty from within.
A new bond is formed and the love that she feels has no definition.
It’s time to acknowledge her most primal instinct, a mother’s intuition.

Most dreams that she dreamt when she was blossoming have now become true.
She knows where she stands and the lessons she learned are her point of view.
The time has now come for the Flower to let its own seeds flourish and grow,
confident in her heart that she has taught them all they were willing to know.

The Flower has lived, laughed and cried and now looks back with no regret,
for her seeds will blossom, carry on her teachings and allow no one to forget.
From seed to Flower, she has lived how to learn and will always keep true,

This Flower I speak of is a Mother, a Wife, a Girlfirend, a Sister, this flower is YOU!


  1. I totally love this one :) my favourite so far

  2. "Seekin'the cause" brought tears to my eyes knowing that someone still loves me, 'A Woman'.
    I loved, loved, and loved but they did not understand... saddest day would be when women like me will cease being obscurantism and a distorted perspective on women is eliminating their very being....the greatest threat to life.....
    Pratibha Chopra ,New Delhi