Saturday, 5 September 2009


Gaze at the sky
and find the sun.
Strive to fly,
but simply run.

Fight the tide
and find my way.
Search inside,
but drift away.

Seek to find
and look around.
Know I am blind,
but can be found.

Try to reach
and fail to hold.
Do not teach,
but wont be told.

Make an effort
and fail to succeed.
Refuse support,
but its all I need.

Open my eyes
and cannot see.
Do exist,
but cease to be.


  1. All of the poems are beautiful Wynnette @ff

  2. Are you published? If not you should be. A lot of times I can't really "follow" and totally understand most poetry - yours however were awesome, I could read and understand what you were talking about. Thank you.

  3. Very nice,I wish I could write poetry like that you do have talent,,,,,,,,,,Thanks for sharing,

    Tom from nf...

  4. You are a very talented young man, Alessandro...

    --Michele from FF

  5. Alessandro Your poems are brilliantly written. I enjoy your ability of rhyme, it makes your words flow off the tongue and I can picture your meaning as I read your poem. I applause your work. All the Poems were great and I'll enjoy reading more.... keep them coming.

  6. So much emotion and emphasis in very little words. Keep up the good work!