Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bullet Proof

I don’t care if you love me.
I don’t mind if you hate me.
The only thing I ask from you,
is never to underestimate me.

I know what you are doing,
before it is even done.
No point in having bullets,
when you can’t hold the gun.

So, if you are going to shoot,
make sure you hit my heart.
Just know that you can’t finish,
something that didn’t even start.

Photograph by John Linewood
"Bullet Proof"


  1. Very nice, Rivertilt. Simple and powerful. I especially like the last stanza.

  2. Lindo, lindo. :) Que sinta qualquer coisa. A indiferenla dói de mais.

  3. Absolutely wonderful. So simple and yet so powerful. Loved it.

  4. I love poems. Used to read them when I was younger. These are definitely very heartfelt.

  5. Beautifully touched. I like that strong passion you have there when you write this, seems like there is something greater going on in this expression than we read.

  6. I'm usually not a fan of poetry with a heavy rhyme scheme, but this one pulls it off. Good job.

  7. Gostei muito deste poema.